Colour Me Creuset

Today signalled a scary new stage in my life: I chose kitchenware over clothes. Intending to scour the Selfridges sale in the hope of finding some inappropriately jazzy shoes that wouldn’t go with anything, I instead found myself hypnotically heading towards the home department. Once there, said jazzy shoes skipped – or more likely, staggered - straight out of my mind, for across the room I saw the glazed gleam of Le Creuset's rainbow-bright pots and pans, and above them, significantly, a sign: 20% off. Jackpot!

Le Creuset’s cast iron cookware is the stuff of foodie-cum-fashionista dreams. Founded in France in 1925, the signature burnt orange shade of enamel originally used has since been expanded into an array of to-die-for colours, including a rich cherry red, a deep plum and their latest, a darkly glittering midnight blue. With such a delectable selection of shades, I can't help but think of them as the big brother to that other delightful French institution, the macaroon.

Spot le difference:


But Le Creuset is no mere foodie fad: its extortionately priced products make for true investments. To create each piece the melted materials must first be encased within an individual mould, which is then cracked open after casting, the enamel hand-finished by French artisans. With that kind of heritage behind their products, it’s no wonder Le Creuset's reassuringly hefty casserole dishes are the hallmark of a well kitted-out kitchen - they seem to shine with effortless culinary prowess. 

So it was with great excitement that I embarked upon my first Le Creuset investment. Resisting the ridiculously cute heart-shaped ramekins, I went for a utensils jar and a dinky oven dish, both in a beautiful sea-blue shade of teal. Not exactly flash enough to cook up a Julia Child-style banquet with, but it’s a start - and given the brand’s reputation for lasting a lifetime, at least I can take my time building up the collection - one Christmas list at a time...




  1. Love the hearted pots!!
    so cute :)
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Angie
    Check out my blog & maybe we could follow each other?

  2. Love this.. The blue pots and pans are actually gorgeous!! xx

  3. They do tea mugs as well?! How did I miss this?

    I thought the exact same thing when I realized I was more excited about my new Le Creuset than my new Louis Vuitton (seriously demented).

    So happy to come across someone who shares my affinity for fashion and luxury cookware :)

  4. I am the proud owner of two Le Creuset stew pots. They are heaven and I am hooked. I swear things taste better just by sitting in them... Happy cooking! x

  5. Le Creuset do heart shaped pots! I only want to get married because I can't afford these and then I could put them on my wedding list haha x


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