Right, own up - who stole November? The fact that it’s December and Christmas is just around the corner was an extremely disconcerting discovery this week. What’s even more disconcerting is that it appears I’ve turned into my mother and already bought all my Christmas presents in some hyper-organised online shopping fit last weekend. What! When did that happen?

If you’re in need of some Christmas cheer and the delightfully disgusting Iceland campaign just isn’t doing it for you then may I recommend Cornify. It’s the campest thing since Jason Donovan scoffing Iceland’s £2 mini beef yorkshires in fishnet stockings and a handlebar moustache. Simply go to the website (found here) and add the special Cornify link to your toolbar. Click on it every time you feel like some festive sparkle and up pops on demand a glittering unicorn or smiling rainbow, or Hello Kitty riding a glittering unicorn over a smiling rainbow, with added glitter. Good, wholesome fun at its most fabulous and more addictive than Lucky Charms-flavoured crack. What a treat!

Number Nine pre-Cornify:

Number Nine Cornified:

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