The DKNY Cozy

Now I know Donna Karan is meant to be The Creator of all things easy and elegant in womenswear, but having spent two months attempting to wear one of her DKNY Cozy cardigans, I beg to differ. They have a long, draped open front that you’re meant to be able to tie in all manners of different fashions, and in the process your life will be transformed forever etc with its AMAZING VERSATILITY. Except I can’t seem to master the initial effortless styling phase. I knot it like this and twist it like that and it just looks all lumpy and lost, or I let it hang loose and it flaps between my legs as I walk like an over-excited puppy.

But all is not lost. For I have discovered an even better use for the Cozy. Just imagine: you’re sitting on the sofa after a long hard day at work, it’s raining outside, the heating isn’t working and keeps on making haunted house noises and ohh don’t your arms feel cold reaching for the remote? Never fear. Go get your Cozy, slip it on back to front and wrap the indecipherable drapey bits around your person. Yes! It’s the fashionista’s Slanket! Mine is now an essential part of my soft furnishings. You’re right Donna, it truly is a versatile wardrobe piece. Thank you. 

Spot the difference:


  1. AHAHAHA Best. Comment. Ever. Spot the difference? I really don't think I can. Can't wait to read more! x

  2. I'm not very good at it...I can only do a few of the simple ones...still need more practice at the hard ones XD
    Have you watched the videos on DKNY's site? It helps a lot:


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